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作者: U.S. International Trade Commission
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: mexico, inv, review, pipe, line, large, diameter, welded
页数: 52
ISBN-10: 1457815443
ISBN-13: 9781457815447

作者: U.S. International Trade Commission
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: china, invs, final, pipe, pressure, stainless, steel, welded
页数: 168
ISBN-10: 1457817004
ISBN-13: 9781457817007

作者: Martin, Tatiana
出版社: KIT Scientific Publishing
关键词: minimum, detectable, flaw, size, determination, joints, testing, eurofer, welded, ultrasonic
页数: 50
出版时间: 2010

作者: Federal Emergency Management Agency
出版社: FEMA
关键词: steel, moment, frame, buildings, welded, existing, seismic, evaluation, upgrade, criteria, recommended
页数: 256

作者: DIANE Publishing Company
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: construction, residential, materials, framing, alternative
页数: 132
ISBN-10: 078811588X
ISBN-13: 9780788115882

Presents 3 alternative technologies for conventional residential construction: foam-core structural sandwich panels, light-gauge metal framing, and welded-wire sandwich panels. The feasibility, quality, and costs associated with each method are evaluated. By evaluating the design and construction of homes with alternative materials, this report will stimulate builders to investigate building materials options more thoroughly. Background chapter discusses the use and costs of lumber in residential construction. Directory section. 75 tables and photos.

作者: DIANE Publishing Company
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: orders, suspension, agreements, duty, countervailing, effects, antidumping, economic
页数: 413
出版时间: 1995-06
ISBN-10: 0788119567
ISBN-13: 9780788119569

This analysis consists of estimating economic effects at an economy-wide level & at the industry level. The industry-specific case studies include a comprehensive empirical analysis of conditions in the affected industries: frozen concentrated orange juice, lamb meat, EPROMS (a type of semiconductor integrated circuit), color TV picture tubes, urea (high-nitrogen content fertilizer), brass sheet & strip, standard welded steel pipes & tubes, & bearings. Provides estimates of the effects on prices, production, employment, wages, income, & trade.
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