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作者: Dilip Ratha; William Shaw
出版社: World Bank Publicatio
关键词: south, working, papers, bank, world, migration, remittances
页数: 64
出版时间: 2007-05-02
ISBN-10: 0821370723
ISBN-13: 9780821370728

South-South Migration and Remittances reports on preliminary results from an ongoing effort to improve data on bilateral migration stocks. It sets out some working hypotheses on the determinants and socioeconomic implications of South-South migration. Contrary to popular perception that migration is mostly a South-North phenomenon, South-South migration is large. Available data from national censuses suggest that nearly half of the migrants from developing countries reside in other developing countries. Almost 80 percent of South-South migration takes place between countries with contiguous bo

作者: Stephen R. Lewis
出版社: Council on Foreign Relations
关键词: apartheid, economics
页数: 212
出版时间: 1990
ISBN-10: 0876090560
ISBN-13: 9780876090565

As interest in South Africa began to rise sharply in the United States in the mid-1980s it became clear that few Americans economists know much about the economies of South Africa and the region. The Economics of Apartheid offers a clear and concise explanation of the regions economies and how it contributes and directs public policy. Though this is not a prescriptive book, it does provide an understanding of the problem of South Africa and the possible consequences of various alternative policies both in South Africa and in the international community. It will also provide policymakers and to

作者: Iita
出版社: IITA
关键词: south, cassava, development, zones, east, nigeria, multiple, document, project, investor, economy, rural, mosaic, virulent, management, disease, integrated, preemptive, enhanced, approach, sector
页数: 84
ISBN-10: 9781312343
ISBN-13: 9789781312342

作者: S. L. Sutherland
出版社: IDRC
关键词: program, governance, canada, africa, democracy, south, supporting
页数: 94
出版时间: 1999
ISBN-10: 1552500942
ISBN-13: 9781552500941

The South Africa-Canada Program on Governance (PoG) during Nelson Mandela's 1992 visit to Canada, when he asked the Canadian government to assist the people of South Africa in their preparations for democracy. In 1993, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and the democratic movement of South Africa jointly launched the PoG, its mission: to help South Africa build the capacity to govern itself. This book views the transition to democracy in South Africa. It describes the approaches used by the PoG, as well as the activities

作者: William H. Cooper
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: implications, united, states, agreement, trade, korea, free, south
页数: 32
出版时间: 2011-05
ISBN-10: 1437980414
ISBN-13: 9781437980417

On October 6, 2010, the 27 member European Union (EU) and South Korea signed a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA). The agreement is expected to go into effect on July 1, 2011, pending approval by the European Parliament and the South Korean National Assembly. If enacted, the South Korea-EU FTA (KOREU FTA) would be the largest FTA in terms of market size that South Korea has entered into. Contents of this report: Introduction; EU-South Korean Economic Ties; The KOREU FTA and EU and South Korean Trade Strategies; Potential Economic Impact of the KOREU FTA; Next Steps ¿ Ratification; Potential

作者: Richard Elphick
出版社: University of California Press
关键词: cultural, history, social, political, south, africa, christianity
页数: 512
出版时间: 1997
ISBN-10: 0520209400
ISBN-13: 9780520209404

Christianity, the faith of almost three-quarters of the diverse South African population, has long been pushed to the margins of historical writing on South Africa, yet for more than two centuries it has shaped South African society and its diverse subcultures. This tightly constructed and vigorously written book--a collaboration of thirty specialists working in seven countries--situates Christianity for the first time in the broad political, social, and economic context of South African history; it also traces a variety of religious movements and their histories both before and during aparthe

作者: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
出版社: World Bank Publications
关键词: south, asian, bank, association, world, cooperation, october, saarc, cosponsored, regional, workshop, promoting, asia, reduction, participation, poor, informal, summary, poverty
页数: 48
出版时间: 1994
ISBN-10: 0821328107
ISBN-13: 9780821328101
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