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作者: Douglas E Frame
出版社: Frame Publishing
关键词: enthymeme, aristotle, nature, logical
页数: 190
出版时间: 2008-01-01
ISBN-10: 0979428912
ISBN-13: 9780979428913

作者: Publishing SAS Publishing
出版社: SAS Publishing
关键词: frames, sas, started, getting
页数: 76
出版时间: 2006-06-27
ISBN-10: 1590478444
ISBN-13: 9781590478448

This book provides an introduction to application development using SAS/AF and FRAME entries. Geared to the SAS/AF beginner, the instruction and examples can be used with SAS 8.1 through SAS.9. In just a few steps, you'll develop a graphical user interface and a multiple-window application. This primer is an ideal starting point for becoming a FRAME entry expert.

作者: Unknown
出版社: Food & Agriculture Org.
关键词: manual, frame
页数: 112
出版时间: 1982
ISBN-10: 9251012482
ISBN-13: 9789251012482

作者: Bernard Leupen
出版社: 010 Publishers
关键词: space, generic, frame
页数: 266
出版时间: 2006-08-01
ISBN-10: 9064505985
ISBN-13: 9789064505980

作者: William J. Hall
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: frame, construction, moment, steel, guide, policy
页数: 36
出版时间: 2008-07
ISBN-10: 1437900941
ISBN-13: 9781437900941

Prior to the 1994 Northridge and 1995 Kobe earthquakes, engineers believed that steel moment-frames would bend under earthquake loading, but not break. As a result, this became one of the most common types of construction used for major bldgs. in areas subject to severe earthquakes. The discovery of the potential for fracturing in these frames called to question the adequacy of the building code provisions dealing with this type of construction and created a crisis of confidence. In response, FEMA issued this policy guide to provide a non-technical summary of valuable information, an understan

作者: Robert M. Adams
出版社: University of California Press
关键词: neo, classicism, forms, facade, stamp, frame, roman
页数: 294
出版时间: 1978-09
ISBN-10: 0520037154
ISBN-13: 9780520037151

作者: Thomas P. DiNapoli
出版社: DIANE Publishing
关键词: york, state, department, transportation, new, bridges, oversight, structural, defects, highway, management
页数: 36
出版时间: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437929133
ISBN-13: 9781437929133

Between Jan. 1, 2006 and June 24, 2008, a total of 1,280 serious defects were identified on 228 State and 495 locally-owned highway bridges in New York State. To determine whether these defects were addressed within the required time frame of seven weeks, the report reviewed the records relating to a sample of 204 of the defects which pertain to 44 State and 74 locally owned bridges. It found that 69 of the 204 defects (33.8%) pertaining to 25 State and 16 locally owned bridges were not addressed within the required time frame. In fact, it took, on average, more than 17 weeks to address these
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