作者: Jennifer L Armstrong
出版社: CreateSpace
关键词: prophet
页数: 222
出版时间: 2011-08-13
ISBN-10: 1463734239
ISBN-13: 9781463734237


With a backpack and a trunk full of books, Jenna arrives in Jerusalem. A chance meeting with Zed starts off as a romantic adventure for the televangelist’s son, but becomes unsettling when he discovers that the books in the trunk contradict everything his father teaches about the Second Coming of Jesus.

About the Author

Jennifer L. Armstrong was educated at Ambassador College where she received a B.A. in Theology in 1993. A summer archaeological dig at Hazor Israel, combined with a tour of the Holy Land in 1992 started an interest in all things Middle Eastern. In 1999, she began publishing her novels online. In Jan. 2001 Jennifer launched to benefit both readers and writers of novels. Jennifer is author of many novels including, The Kent Family Adventures, Last King of Damascus, The Unlikely Association of Meg and Harry, as well as the non-fiction Dreaming in Arabic, a chronicle of her experiences in the Middle East and how they led to a change in her perception of Israel and her Christian faith.